Terms and conditions

All our quotations and agreements are subject to the HBN 2020 (Trading Conditions for Tree Nurseries in the Netherlands). These Commercial Terms and Conditions were filed with the Registry of the District Court of The Hague on 12 May 2020 under number 12/2020. At your request, these terms and conditions can be sent to you.

  • Prices are ex-works Nursery / Cash & Carry Hengelo, with the proviso that no typing errors or price changes have been made.
  • Payment to our Cash & Carry will be by cash or by card.
  • The prices are in EURO and are ex-works excluding the VAT valid at the time of delivery. If the VAT-number is unknown, the VAT will always be
    charged on the spot.
  • Freight charges will be charged separately.
  • Packing materials will be charged against cost price. CC-trolleys will always be exchanged by delivery and collection.
  • When packing materials are taken back, we are forced to charge the freight costs again.
  • Claims must be lodged with us within 5 days after receipt of the goods, together with a full explanation of the complaint.
  • The delivered plants remain the property of Harry Menkehorst Kwekerijen BV until the complete purchasing price has been paid by the customer.
  • The delivery of the goods ordered is for the account and risk of the customer.
  • Natural disasters, damage by water and cases of extreme violence will relieve us of our obligations.
  • We cannot guarantee that the delivered plants will take root or grow further.
  • Varieties of plants that are no longer available can be replaced by equivalent species unless this is explicitly forbidden


  • Packing has to be returned clean and empty.
  • Packing that is broken will not be accepted nor returned to Menkehorst.
  • It is not possible to return more packing than has been delivered during season by Menkehorst.
Packing prices
Outgoing Incoming
Black crate low € 2,60 € 2,35
Black crate high € 3,60 € 3,30
Pallet box* € 21,90 € 15,00
Pallet* € 6,81 € 6,00
Euro pallet* € 13,05 € 11,35
Euro pallet + ring* € 23,38 € 11,35
Tray € 0,55 € 0,00
Danish carton box € 0,75 € 0,00
Grass sods pallet € 13,50 € 12,00

* The above prices may be subject to intermediate changes.