For over 50 years Menkehorst Nurseries is a trusted partner in the "green-business".

Are you looking for a extensive range of garden plants and nursery crops? You’ve come to the right place.

Cultivating and supplying high-quality plants is our passion, allowing you to provide your clients with lush, mature gardens.

We operate a modern 70-hectare nursery with a magnificent assortment of sustainably grown specimen plants and container-grown trees. In addition, we source plants from over 150 renowned national and international growers.

We supply plants to gardeners, garden centres, nurseries, traders, importers and exporters. Our products are available through our wholesale outlet, our 4-ha cash & carry and the unique, comprehensive sales fairs we organise in spring and autumn. You can also order 24/7 through our webshop. This extensive sales network allows us to provide products to companies in over twenty countries.

In all our activities, contacts with our customers and the exclusive quality of our products take centre stage. In the fifty years since our company was founded, our customers’ satisfaction has always been our top priority. Whether you have a specific request or you require a custom purchasing or delivery method, we can work out the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact us today! You won’t be disappointed!

Team Menkehorst

Our new company brochure

Our new company brochure

Discover more about Menkehorst Nurseries by viewing our new company brochure.

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