Menkehorst Kwekerijen B.V.

Shade – C

Border package suitable for a not too dry place of 8 m2 in the (semi-)shade.
The perennials in this package have a height between 15 and 125 cm. and bloom from January till far in autumn.

The package consists of 48 plants in the following varieties:

Name Height Flowering period Location
Actaea simp. ‘White Pearl’ 125 September – October (Semi-)shade
Anemone hyb. ‘Honorine Jobert’ 80 September – October (Semi-)shade
Aquilegia ‘Silver Queen’ 60 June – July (Semi-)shade
Asplenium scolopendrium 50 (Semi-)shade
Galium odoratum 25 May – June (Semi-)shade
Helleborus niger 25 January – April (Semi-)shade
Hosta ‘Big Daddy’ 90 June – July (Semi-)shade
Hosta ‘Patriot’ 60 July – August (Semi-)shade
Polystichum setiferum 60 (Semi-)shade
Rodgersia aesculifolia 100 June – July (Semi-)shade
Vinca minor ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ 15 March – May (Semi-)shade

Calm white flowering plants with many leaf contrasts and heights, attractive year round.