Menkehorst Kwekerijen B.V.

Sun – B

This package is suitable for a border of 8 m2 in a sunny location.
The perennials in this package have a height of 40 to 100 cm. and flower from July to September.

The package consists of 48 plants in the following species:

Name Height Flowering period Location
Kalimeris incisa ‘Alba’ 80 July – September Sun
Persicaria amplexicaulis 100 August – September Sun
Phlox (P) ‘Laura’ 80 July – September Sun
Phlox (P) ‘Mies Copijn’ 75 July – September Sun
Phlox (P) ‘Starfire’ 90 July – September Sun
Sedum spectabile ‘Brillant’ 40 August – September Sun

Rich summer-flowering perennial package in which various Phloxes play a leading role. Also very attractive to butterflies and bees.