Menkehorst Kwekerijen B.V.

Shade – J

Border package suitable for a shady border of 3 m2.
The plants in this package have a height between 15 and 60 cm. and flower from February to August.

The package consists of 24 plants in the following varieties:

Name Height Flowering period Location
Astilbe (S) ‘Sprite’ 30 June – August (Semi-)shade
Dicentra spectabilis 60 April – June (Semi-)shade
Heucherella ‘Stoplight’ 30 May – June (Semi-)shade
Hosta ‘Halcyon’ 35 July – August (Semi-)shade
Polystichum set. ‘Herrenhausen’ 40 (Semi-)shade
Primula (J) ‘Wanda’ 15 February – April (Semi-)shade

Colorful border package both in flowering and in leaf forms. Heucherella ‘Stoplight’ has bright yellow-green leaves with striking red veins in addition to the beautiful fine feathered leaves of Polystichum set. ‘Herrenhausen’and the striking flowering colors of Astilbe (S) ‘Sprite’, Dicentra spectabilis and Primula (J) ‘Wanda’.